Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Inadvertent Glossary of College - A revival... Revisited

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Earlier posted without meaning.. now have them.. Take a look

After the college, i remember the college language the most. I took this initiative earlier to create a glossary for all those unscrupulous words, but all those gone with the wind with the end of college's last day. So i have started the compilation once again.
This isn't actually a glossary of the words but only a list from my IIT days.
I invite all other students and "ex-students" to add their words as comments underneath. Also do add your version of meanings for the words you give and already given here.
A comprehensive version of the glossary is on its way. So do contribute to the glossary and ahhh well .. a contri to your cccccccooooooooooooooooooooollll days.... college days!! Do name your college dudes /dudettes
Please do add the funny names you gave to your friends with the serendipity behind the name

So here we go : currently the INADVERTENT GLOSSARY OF IITIANS with meainings - A LINGO to REVIVE

attachee - The day scholars. Origin - The students are either "allotted" or are "attached" to a hostel. Allotted students live at the hostels or are hostelites while the attached students are represented by the attached hostels for all events and competitions.
abs – Absolute achievement for a work. Most generally when a student gets the maximum marks obtainable in an exam
arbit – Arbitrary. Generally used for arbitrary work done/ comments passed by a person
bakait – The person performing bakaiti
bakaiti – Drastic version of timepass with no results and no reason.
bakar – synnonym for bakaiti
bakchod – Person who is highly involved and is fond of bakaiti
banda – A boy
bandi – A girl
batti – Electrical department
bhatke – The B.Tech students.
compu – Computer science department
contri – Contribution. Generally used for the contribution based parties/outings.
d00d - Elated version of Dude.
dabbe wala – Person with computer or a student of computer science department
dayski – Day scholar
depc – Department change
despo – Desperate person, Generally for girls
DISCO - The Disciplinary committee of IIT.
fattu – Person who fears for doing anything he is asked to or he needs to
fight marna – Trying hard on doing something
fighter – Person trying hard on everything
fod dalna – Excelled with flying colors in something
frustaapa – Act of showing Frustration
frustu – Frustrated person. Generally used for a person desperate for girls
fukka – Failed in an exam or more appropriately getting F-Grade in an exam
full toss – Student who happened dropped any year before graduation
fultoo – On full swing
funde – Advices/Fundamentals of a person.
fundoo – Highly impressing
gadda – Seriously foolish person
HFC - Holistic Food Centre
Holistic – HFC – Holistic Food Centre
ic – Institute C……. Generally used for a person considered as worst student in the college
insti – The institutional area. Generally the place where classes take place
janta – People involved
load – Tension arising due to some work or act of someone
maggu – Highly studious person
mast – Interesting and enjoyable. Better called as cool.
matke – The M.Tech students.
max – Maximum. Generally used for the high enthusiasm of a person
ms – Main structure. The highest building in IIT delhi
mugai or magai – Studying.
pain maarna – 1. Unnecessarily trying for something, 2. Frustrated by something
RR – Reading room
senti – The feeling of getting Sentimental.
sponti – The spontaneity of the person regarding any thing he/she does.
stud – The Person expert/ excel
studaapa – Act of showing perfection/excellence/ stud things
Sutta - Cigarette / Smoking
tapna – Look out for girls
tappa – Student who dropped an year or more before graduation
timepass – Just for passing time
waat – Had worse of all the things
WindT – Wind tunnel in IIT Delhi
ZeroX – hell of the famous version of XEROX shop at IIT DELHI
zukk – Zero marks


kirtan added:
NBD :- Its actual meaning is Nervous Break Down, but this term is used generally whenever any1 is scene in tension or thinking about something
(for more details, you may contact some IITB Junta)
NBDU :- one who found in NBD very often

uncommon common added:
rattafication meaning "act of learning without understanding a single thing".

mohit added:
ghissu - highly studious person..
ghisai - act of studying
bond - an expert in any field...
bondappa - showing off the bond inside you
chutiyappa - do some chutiya stuff..
facha - first yearite male
fachi - first yearite female
Andhra - all the southies..
god - expert in any field..
hadd - anything extreme
diro - director

heres sm lingo related more to IITG -
SAC - sport activity centre
NAC - new acedemic complex
CC - computer centre
TC - transit complex
khokha - faculty gate market
chinky - d local gals for thier assamese looks
localite - neone belonging to d northeast
dosa - dean of student affairs