Thursday, August 2, 2007

Needle in a haystack Puzzle (Intuitional Puzzle)

Intuitions plays this puzzle. Lets work on finding the needle in the haystacks
It follows:
You are one of ten contestants in the game described as below:
A field contains 100 haystacks, 10 of them have a needle. On entering the field, the first contestant searches haystacks until he finds one that contains a needle. Assume that his search of each haystack is exhaustive - that is, if he can't find a needle in the haystack, there isn't one. Assume also that each needle is hidden deeply enough within its haystack that it cannot be found without seriously disturbing the haystack.

The second contestant then enters the field, and searches haystacks until he too finds a needle. He will not search any of the haystacks searched by the first contestant, because he knows that they never contained or no longer contain a needle. Each subsequent contestant repeats this process. The winner is the contestant who has searched the fewest haystacks before finding a needle.

Suppose that you could choose whether to be the first, second... tenth contestant. Would your intuition tell you:
1. choosing to search after certain number of contestants, at what position?
2. it doesn't really matter (the positions), choose any
Do tell the reasons for doing so!!