Sunday, August 12, 2007

Hacker Puzzle

Visit the puzzle at Hacker Puzzle
To solve this puzzle you will have to find the secret files on the server. That is. you will have to find the correct url to go to the next page using the hint given in the current page. Pretty simple but good enough to refresh you out of your work
For instance:
First Page url is and it shows 1 written at the middle of the page. The next page will be
That means changing the url to 2.html

Give it a try, you only need a little general knowledge to further and further.

Here is the solution for the Hacker puzzle. See it only when you are stuck:
Page 1: Content : 1
Page 2: Content: two
Page 3: three.html Content: iii
Page 4: iv.html Content: ruof
Page 5: evif Content: ffiivvee
Page 6: ssiixx.html Content: 666666
Page 7: 7777777.html Content: uranus - 7th Planet, use the 8th planet now
Page 8: neptune.html Content: acht - 8 in german counting, use 9 in german
Page 9: neun.html Content: sept - ninth month, use the 10th month
Page 10: oct.html Content: 10 of spade, use jack
Page 11: jack.html Content:eLeVeN - use twelve in the same pattern
Page 12: tWeLvE.html Content: 144 - square of 12, use square of 13
Page 13: 169.html Content: number13 in black background, so not visible, select the content reveals it
Page 14: number14.html Content:catorce - 14 in spanish , use 15 in spanish
Page 15: quince.html Content: buchanan - 15th president of USA, use 16th president of USA
Page 16: lincoln.html Content: s├ędecim - 16 in latin, use 17 in latin
Page 17: septendecim.html Content: 10001 - 17 in binary, use 18 in binary
Page 18: 10010.html Content: argon - The 18th element in periodic table, use 19th element
Page 19: potassium.html Content: ojofuffo - replacing every character of nineteen with the next letter, use the same for twenty
Page 20: uxfouz.html Content: icosagon - 20 sided polygon, use the 21 sided polygon name
Page 21: icosihenagon.html Content: 10946 - 21st term in Fibonacci series, use the 22nd
Page 22: 17711.html Content: Vooey - as with the pattern given, use the same pattern
Page 23: Woody.html and that is it........ you have finished the puzzle