Monday, July 23, 2007

Sunken Ball Puzzle - The boat and the ball

This puzzle is about a boat and a bowling ball. It talks about the effective change in the level of the water in the lake when something is thrown in it. Even if you don't get the answer try doing it practically at your homes in a bucket of water. It will be a Eureka, guaranteed!!

You are in a small boat in the middle of a lake of water. You have a bowling ball with you on the boat. Suddenly you are out of your mind and throws away the ball in the lake. The ball sank down down down and settled on the bottom of the lake.
That was a little insane part of yours. Now you have got to tickle your brain and tell what happened to the level of the lake after the ball settled at the bottom of the lake.
  1. The level increased
  2. The level decreased
  3. The level remained the same
---- Give it a practical try too!!---