Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Prisoner Execution Puzzle

This is a prison break puzzle , but this time attributed to a corrupt officer riddling his prisoners.

Once at a prison , a corrupt officer comes to three prisoners and tells them that they will be executed tomorrow. Stunned at it, the three prisoners asks for mercy. At this the officer replies he will let go two of them chosen at random if the three of them pays him their earnings. Now he lets them decide what they wanted to do. They all agreed and told him they will pay him after an hour as they need to collect their earnings.
One of the prisoner, A now sneaks out and asks the officer to tell him who will be executed. But the officer didn't because he could loose the money of that very prisoner. After too much begging by prisoner he tells him that prisoner B will be freed. At this the prisoner is even more bewildered, he thought previously he had 1/3 chances of being executed but now its increased from 1/3 to 1/2.

Now you have got to tell him whether or not to give his earnings to the officer for what he knows his chances of execution has increased?
Why didn't the officer kept quiet, didn't he just increased his chances of decreasing the bribe?
Now that all depends on you.