Thursday, June 28, 2007

Solution to "Russian Puzzle"

This is the solution to the Russian Puzzle posted on 15th June 2007. Now there can be many solutions to the puzzle , some of them would be its rotation by 90 degrees 3 times :) . That means three more solutions in this one.

Description : We had to put the given 5 pieces inside a square without any overlap..

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Doors Puzzle

After the Crimson room puzzle , a trend of closed room puzzles have started. Another famous one in the series is the "The doors"
Now instead of a single room you have multiple rooms with many doors in it. And believe it its worth to end, when you figure out whats the solution.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Much awaited Group Chat at Gtalk

Finally the much awaited Google group chats is released. Till now we had been doing so tweaking the Gtalk client , making multiple voice chats through multiple messenger so that everyone hears everyone in the group.
But now Google has officially launched the chatting in groups through its Google Gadget. The Google Talk client users still have to wait a bit. But thats no concern, we can do all with the Google gadget now.

Launch Google Gadget : Click here

Simply start chatting with a person and you will see invite others to the group chat link. Its so simple.

Interestingly, this is moving us away from our very own desktop applications i.e. Google Talk (messengers) , Powerpoint, word processors, image editors, pdf convertors/viewers etc. All you need is a browser and internet connection.

This is turning interesting, apart from having photo sharing ,we earlier had a video sharing on Google talk gadget through which you can let the world know what video you are watching and they can watch it too if they are also running Google talk gadget.
So that means now we have
Group chat;
Group Video viewing with chat;
Even the Group Voice chat is possible with minuscule tweaking

This feature still haven't been there on Yahoo from years of its service.
Google Talk Gadget surely is hitting the base.
Welcome Google Group Talk !!!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Traditional Horse Race Puzzle with a twist

A race with a difference.

A father at the verge of his death , while writing down his will asks his two sons about how to distribute the property to both of them. Startled at this, they both have the same feeling that father loves him the most so he will get all the property. They both acted innocent and asked the father to distribute as he liked. The father was intelligent so he asked them to race on horses and whoever wins will get the complete property. The winning criteria was different from traditional.
He said " The horse reaching the destination first will loose ".
Now they both are thinking for days and days how can they do that. The race is damn indefinite and will never end this way.

Now you got to help them to race and complete there father's decision.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Gleeful Wordplay Rhyme

Its not a puzzle or riddle but yes it creates a lot of sense and shakes your funny bone. Its nothing but all about the wordplay, don't remember where i found it. You must have known it or it sounds a little kiddish but it still is an interesting rhyme.

Lets Go over it. And yes please read it loud.

Pale Gail

Gail had been sick so she was feeling quite frail. Frail Gail was told by her doctor that she was cured and now hale and hearty. So hale frail Gail decided to go to the beach and get a healthy tan so she would not be pale hale frail Gail. But one day a dead whale washed up on the beach behind her home. Hale pale frail Gail could tell it had been a male, but now it was quite dead. So hale pale frail Gail's stale male whale sat outside her beach house while she thought about what to do with it.

Gail decided to see if she could sell part of the whale, so she advertised in a newspaper that the flukes were for sale. Hale pale frail Gail's stale male whale tail sale caused a lot of people to visit her house and pretty soon people had trampled a path into her back yard and on to the beach. To protect her flowers Gail decided to put up a rail along the trail to the whale. Hale pale frail Gail's stale male whale tail sale trail rail worked quite well except that one nail she used to make the rail stuck out and stuck anyone who bumped into it.
Hale pale frail Gail's stale male whale tail sale trail rail impale nail was a hazard. So much so that one person sent her a letter threatening to sue if the nail was not fixed.
Hale pale frail Gail's stale male whale tail sale trail rail impale nail mail convinced her it was time to go home from the beach.


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Drunk for free Puzzle

Its like a story.. Must sound great for all drinkers but do riddle their minds.
Once a man told his story to his friend about how he threw a party to two of his friends , and they all could drink as much as they wanted and went back home with all the cash they brought. That sounds crazy enough if someone didn't sponsor them. But no one really paid for it. Lets see what they did !!

At both the Canadian and US borders their corresponding dollars are discounted by 10 cents i.e. A US dollar in Canada costs 90 Canadian cents and vice versa. The man realized its importance and went with his friends to the US side of the border. They all took drinks costing 10 US cents. Now he paid in US dollar and got back a Canadian dollar. Now he went to the Canadian side and again drank worth 10 Canadian cents, paid a Canadian dollar and received a US dollar. And thats how they continued whole night. At the end they didn't loose anything but had a worth of party!!

How is that possible, who the hell paid for drink for these drunkards??
Whats the reason??

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Prisoner Execution Puzzle

This is a prison break puzzle , but this time attributed to a corrupt officer riddling his prisoners.

Once at a prison , a corrupt officer comes to three prisoners and tells them that they will be executed tomorrow. Stunned at it, the three prisoners asks for mercy. At this the officer replies he will let go two of them chosen at random if the three of them pays him their earnings. Now he lets them decide what they wanted to do. They all agreed and told him they will pay him after an hour as they need to collect their earnings.
One of the prisoner, A now sneaks out and asks the officer to tell him who will be executed. But the officer didn't because he could loose the money of that very prisoner. After too much begging by prisoner he tells him that prisoner B will be freed. At this the prisoner is even more bewildered, he thought previously he had 1/3 chances of being executed but now its increased from 1/3 to 1/2.

Now you have got to tell him whether or not to give his earnings to the officer for what he knows his chances of execution has increased?
Why didn't the officer kept quiet, didn't he just increased his chances of decreasing the bribe?
Now that all depends on you.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Square the Matchstick Puzzle

To give you mind a twist and burn, this puzzle uses matchsticks.

You are given some pattern of matchstick. You need to move the given number of matchsticks to convert the given pattern to make a new specified pattern here squares. Like to form equal sized squares by moving the matchsticks with each matchstick being a part of all the new squares.

So Lets go ahead the Square matchstick Riddle.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Comments at YouTube - Haunting Google!!!

[Few offensive words changed!!]
So curious about who wrote codes to YouTube , the most loved website when comes to videos. Now Google have interesting things found in the source code that are visible using any flash tracer.
Check this one
"F#[k bandwidth detection script its taking too long or not working so f#[k it hard"
Now that is really really interesting. It left people puzzled. Not because these comments are rare, but because the site is now under GOOGLE. Now that line counts a lot!.
Lets walk through a little more of them. The debugging truly is interesting -
  • we got meta f#[k yeah
  • showing the goddamn play button
  • The connection just got tea bagged - reset and reload
  • F#[k bandwidth detection script its taking too long or not working so f#[k it hard
  • Flash is affecting badly the performance of the ****.com website
  • This feature does not work and crashes the player fix laterz
Now this will be interesting for developers.. great comments though. People dont want to see such comments and yes it sure is a bad practice for developers too.

Still it really is interesting!!

Same some sum Puzzle

The Sum Rotation Puzzle
This puzzle i found has two parts. The first one being too easy and anyone can do that easily. Now when you look to the second part you will have to shake your minds. Lets work through this riddle too. Have a walk through:

1. The numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 i.e 1 through 9 are arranged in a 3x3 matrix in such a way that the top two rows sums up to give the bottom row. Now thats fairly simple.
2. The twisting part is : If the matrix is rotated 90 degrees to its left it must give the similar condition as in part 1.

Now you have got to find out what is that arrangement!!!

Note : Please don't even think about assuming 9 as 6 or vice versa while the flip takes place. They remain the same!! :-)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

"Lateral Thinking Puzzle Revisited" Answers

The answers for the "Lateral thinking puzzle revisited" on 11 June (click here to view the puzzle)

1. Up on the housetop click click click
2. Miss understanding
3. More often than not
4. Queues in Excess
5. Nice Guys Finish Last
6. Grandma
7. Lemonade
8. Parallel Bars
9. Too bad
10. Platinum
11. Calculated Risk
12. Toronto Blue Jays
13. Win in Triple Overtime
14. Dial for dollars
15. Smile
16. Back Surgery

Minus one to plus one Puzzle

The puzzle uses maths. Can be attributed as Maths Puzzle. It follows the following rules.
Take a matrix of any size greater than 4x4. Now what you have to do is use the integers -1, 0, 1 only any number of times and all the rows and columns must sum to a different number. Lets go ahead..... Try this

Friday, June 15, 2007

Russian Puzzle

You must have played jigsaw puzzle. Ohh yes everyone does one way or the other. There you had different pieces that could fit only at one place with given shape to give you a drawing or else.
Now this is a Russian riddle where you have to fit in the given blocks into a square. You can rotate them but cannot overlap them to put it into the square. They can touch each other.
Lets give it a try!!!

Use mouse to drag the pieces and Use shift + mouse click to rotate. Go ahead now solve the puzzle.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Solution to "What do I have" Puzzle

The solution to the puzzle posted at "What do I have Puzzle"
The question was as follows:
The puzzle has many versions.This one is a little twisted. The riddle is as follows:

Three persons have 4 black and 4 green papers. Two of them are kept in a drawer and none of them has seen what is . Each person have two of the papers placed at their forehead so that the other two can see the color of the paper but the person himself cannot. Now it was asked one by one if they know about the color of the papers at their forehead. They replied as follows:
A says: No
B says: No
C says: No
A says: No
B says: Yes

How do B know about the color of the papers at his forehead and what are they?
How to go by : If any of them had seen that the other two have the same colors i.e. RRRR and GGGG. Then they must have said Yes at their first turn.
Now as B said he knows the answer, lets assume what he had (Lets go for elimination criteria)
Lets suppose B had either both red or both green. Lets take both green(same logic goes for if he had both red).
Now if A had both red (both green possibility ruled out as stated earlier). And A and B both said "No" , then C can realize that he had RG. But he also said "No". This means the A have RG but again A also said "no" in the second turn. That clearly suggests that the assumption of having B both Red or both Green is wrong.
Hence B have one red and one green.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Palindrome -Telephonic conversation (U will be puzzled)

This time its not a puzzle. Go through the one sided conversation below. Its amazing to know that its a palindrome and yes its making a perfect sense.
The creator of the conversation must be found and must be acknowledged.
Simply amazing!!
I SAW NO SHELL? ... I SAW IT! ... I DID! I? ... FIRED? ... NO WONDER! ...
... RED? ... NO! ... PREVENT iT? ... NEVER! ... PONDER ON IT NOW! ... DID

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

"What do I have" Puzzle

The puzzle has many versions.This one is a little twisted. The riddle is as follows:

Three persons have 4 black and 4 green papers. Two of them are kept in a drawer and none of them has seen what is . Each person have two of the papers placed at their forehead so that the other two can see the color of the paper but the person himself cannot. Now it was asked one by one if they know about the color of the papers at their forehead. They replied as follows:
A says: No
B says: No
C says: No
A says: No
B says: Yes

How do B know about the color of the papers at his forehead and what are they?

Monday, June 11, 2007

Lateral Thinking Puzzles Revisited

How about thinking laterally once again. Now go on and solve the lateral thinking puzzle given below.
Figure out what each of the block says. Post your answers!!

Lets try for these riddles together.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Lights Out Puzzle ..

Had a lot of puzzles lately??? Just try this, i know its a little outdated in terms of time. But not in terms of interest. Have a great time riddling over it.

Have a hands on over the so traditional lights out puzzle
Try to blow off all the lights on the board. Clicking a piece reverses its state and state of all the pieces adjacent to it.
Looks easy, roll over it!!

Solution to White Chamber from FASCO

Remember the Crimson Room Puzzle. The White Chamber from the series is no less than it. Get the solution here for the mind boggling brain teaser. Mind it these are not the cheats. Enjoy!!
Solution to White Chamber Puzzle from FASCO

1. Get the purple blocks from dustbin , remote from above the glass window where the car can be seen , key from above the steel door, a yellow battery just below the petrol tank (near rear driver shockers), a key from the other side of the bike, a mount under the table, a long thin stick under the table, a brass hook under the table, a red memory ship on the t shirt poster under the “purchase” word, a secret piece of paper with morse code inside the book on table.
2. Use the key found near bike to open the white box to the left of the table. This is done by plugging the key on a block just above that white block.
3. Now enter the “OPEN” in morse code in the white box. Red button = hyphen and blue button = dot. This makes a blue door appear to its left
4. Open the blue door to get blue memory chip.
5. Use the key found over the steel door to open the rear trunk of the bike and get a spanner.
6. Put the mount using spanner on the front of the bike.
7. Put the brass hook in the whole to the right of the steel door.
8. Get the other piece of secret code paper on the roof while navigating from above the glass window. Use stick to get that paper.
9. Put all the chips in the remote (hinted by book on table). Done by clicking info bubble over remote in the objects pane then turning it upside down.
10. Use remote to open the blue door. Press button on the remote to change the color of the light on remote now open the blue door to get an objects. Three different objects, i.e. headlight, binoculars, mirror for three different colors will be found.
11. Put the mirror on the hook to the right of steel door, Headlight on mount on the bike. Put the key in the bike near the handle. The headlight will glow and its reflection from the mirror will lit the other room behind glass window.
12. Look into the room. There is a chit on the wall in that room to the left of the car. Use binoculars to read the code on the chit.
13. Put this code in the bike using the different buttons on the bike handle and number 6 button on the accelerator side. This will unlock a box on the front wheel of the bike.
14. Open that box to get a purple memory chip. Replace that chip in the remote as specified in the book at the place of grey chip. Use it again on blue door to open a secret purple box.
15. On that secret purple box write “Help” using purple block morse code. This opens the box to give u the bike golden key.
16. Start the bike and it will break the door. And you are free.

Enjoy the party!!!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Crimson Room Puzzle

The Famous Crimson Room Puzzle
It is a famous escaping puzzle from the crimson room, use the clues to escape..
Find the items in the room. There are twelve of them. Figure out which one fit where. And escape from the room.

More Closed Room Puzzles
The Doors Puzzle

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Mind Boggling Riddles

A few puzzles to tease your mind - Brain Teasers

1. What day is it if when the day after tomorrow is yesterday it will be as far from Sunday as it was when the day before yesterday was tomorrow?
Now that sounds too mind boggling!!
I came the following solution click here
Solution: Day after tomorrow is yesterday means a three days difference now being 3 days far from sunday it will be Wednesday
Day before yesterday was tomorrow, Again it will be three days difference but from the opposite side that means it was Thursday.

Sunday can be the only answer

2. Because I am by nature blind,
I wisely choose to walk behind;
However, to avoid disgrace,
I let no creature see my face.
My words are few, but spoke with sense;
And yet my speaking gives offence:
Or if to whisper I presume
The company will fly the room.
By all the world I am opprest;
And my oppression gives them rest.

Solution The Posterior!!!

3. Ten fish I caught without an eye,
And nine without a tail,
Six had no head, and half of eight
I weighed upon the scale;
No one who can tell me as I ask it,
How many fish were there in my basket?

Solution: Zero

4. I'm found in most countries, yet not in earh or sea,
I am in all timber and yet not in any tree,
I am in all metals, yet I am told,
I am not in lead, iron, brass, silver or gold,
I am not in England, yet this I can say,
I'm to be found in Westminster every day.

Solution: M

5. Of a brave set of brethren I stand at the head,
Ans to keep them quite warm, I cram three in a bed;
Six of them in prison unfeelingly put,
And three I confine in a mean little hut;
To escape my fell gripe, three reside in the sky;
And though strange it may seem, we have all but one eye;
Our shape is as various as wondrous our use is,
Of Science the source, and the soul of the muses.

Solution: A

Archimedes 2200 year old problem

Interesting thing to know about this riddle is that it was given by Archimedes 2200 years ago and is solved recently with the use of super computer. Oh god!!! Is that what Archimedes possessed a 2200 years ago as his brain is puzzling people till now
Compute, O friend the host of oxen of the sun, giving thy mind thereto,
if thou hast a share of wisdom. Compute the number that once grazed upon
the plains of the Sicilian isle Trinacria (Sicily itself) and that were
divided according to color into four herds, one milk-white, one black,
one yellow and one dappled. The number of bulls formed the majority in each
herd and the relations between them were:
1. White bulls = yellow bulls + (1/2 + 1/3) black bulls
2. Black bulls = yellow bulls + (1/4 + 1/5) dappled bulls
3. Dappled bulls = yellow bulls + (1/6 + 1/7) white bulls
4. White cows = (1/3 + 1/4) black herd
5. Black cows = (1/4 + 1/5) dappled herd
6. Dappled cows = (1/5 + 1/6) yellow herd
7. Yellow cows = (1/6 + 1/7) white herd

If thou canst give O friend the number of bulls and cows in each herd, thou
art not all knowing nor unskilled in number, but not yet to be counted
among the wise. Consider however the additional relations between the bulls
of the sun:
8. White bulls + Black bulls = triangular number
9. Dappled bulls + yellow bulls = square number.

When thou hast then computed the totals of the herd, O friend go forth as
the conqueror, and rest assured that thou art proved most skilled in the
science of numbers.
More interesting would be to know that the 7 conditions produces a number 50,389,082 cattles.
A German later found out that the number satisfying all the conditions will start from 7766 and will have 206,545 digits. Ohh man!! what is this going on.
Now when the supercomputers were used for the problem it was found that there are 5 more solutions and guess what the largest of them have more than a million digits!!
See the puzzle is now solved!!
Damn!! What was Archimedes upto??

Another Riddle Poem -The Bishop of Salisbury

As known the Bishop of Salisbury offered 15 pounds for the following riddle.

I sit lone on a rock
Whilst I'm raising the wind,
But the storm once abated
I'm gentle and kind.
I've kings at my feet
Who await but my nod,
To kneel down in the deep,
On the ground that I've trod.
Tho' oft seen by the world,
I am known to but few;
The gentiles despise me,
I'm pork to the Jew.
I never have passed
But one night in the dark,
And that was with Noah
Alone in the ark.
My weight is three pounds,
My length is a mile;
And when I'm discovered
You will say with a smile-
That my first and my last
Are the best of our isle.

I suspect it to be the " Ocean tide " What does others have to say??

The unsolved puzzle - Riddle poem , by Anna Seward

By Anna Seward , 18th Century. Distance relative of Darwin!!!
Ahhh i couldnt solve it. Have a look over it.

The noblest object in the works of art,
The brightest scenes which nature can impart;
The well known signal in the time of peace,
The point essential in a tennant's lease;
The farmers comfort as he drives the plough,
A soldier's duty and a lover's vow;
A contract made before the nuptial tie,
A blessing riches can never supply;
A spot that adds new charms to pretty faces,
An engine used in fundamental cases;
A planet seen between the earth and sun,
A prize that merit never yet has won;
A loss which prudence can seldom retreive,
The death of Judas, and the fall of Eve;
A part between the ankle and the knee,
A papist's toast, and a physician's fee;
A wife's ambition and a parson's dues,
A miser's idol, and the badge of Jews.
If now your happy genius can divine
The correspondent words in every line,
By the first letter plainly may be found
An ancient city that is much renowned.

Bayesian Puzzle

Today's game shows offer a lot. Lets work around what to choose. The well known Bayesian Puzzler
Its so mind boggling when we have to choose from what we have and what we can have that is unknown.
Ever wondered when you are being given an option to choose from the given to things. Of which you know one contains half the sum of money then the other one. But you don't know which envelope contains what. Now when you choose one of them and finds out it contains a 100 units of money. And now you are being given another option whether to choose the other envelope or take away the one you have opened. Now what?
Would you go for it??
Now looking over the situation one find 50% chances for both the situations and accordingly it wont matter if you switch or not. But it isn't the way as it looks like.
Think this way. Now say you have 100 units in the envelope you opened. The other one will either have 200 or 50. Correct?
Now there is a 50% chance for both outcomes. If you dig deeper in terms of weightage of those chances it would be 200*0.5 and 50* 0.5. That means if you choose to go for the second envelope it would be 200*0.5 + 50* 0.5 =125. That means at the cost of 100 units you will get 125. And so is the net profit of 25 units. So now it looks , it always make sense to switch to the second envelope, isn't it??

Now look at the problem with a different perspective. The above logic says, even if you don't look inside the envelopes , you must switch. Yes you should, because it would be something like
You got x units then on choosing the other envelope it will be 0.5*(2X) + 0.5*(0.5X) = 1.25X.
So there will always be a 25% gain. So you must switch.

You see there is not much to think about. Next time you indulge in some situation/riddle like this, you have the answer to yourself , what to choose!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Aptitude Puzzles

1. A car is traveling at a uniform speed. The driver sees a milestone showing a 2-digit number. After traveling for an hour the driver sees another milestone with the same digits in reverse order. After another hour the driver sees another milestone containing the same two digits with a zero in between(0). What is the average speed of the driver?
Ans: 45 kmph
Solution The last statement tells the third milestone have number 101-109.
This means the initial milestone have the number from 11-19.
So the distance between initial milestone and the last one ranges from 82(101-19) to 98(109-11).
Dividing by two(for the time taken) , and keeping in mind odd numbers cannt be halved we have 41-49.
Now as it is visible the speed is definitely above 40. So the second milestone will be having a number with its first digit either 5 or 6, and so will the first milestone as the second digit.
Hence, either 15 or 16 is the first milestone.
Checking which number lies in range : 51-15 = 36 and 61-16 = 45.
So 16 lies in range, hence 45 is the speed.

2. Mr. ANYMAN left ANYTOWN by car to attend a wedding at ANYCITY. He had been driving for exactly two hours when the car got punctured. It took his driver exactlyten minutes to change the wheel. In order to play safe they covered the remaining distance at a speed of 30 mph. consequently, Mr. ANYMAN was at wedding half an-hour behind schedule. Had the car got the puncture only 30 miles later , I would have been only FIFTEEN minutes late he told the driver . How Far is ANYCITY from ANYTOWN.
Ans: 120 miles
Solution As he said, he would have covered other 15 minutes in time for 30 miles late puncture. Hence he would have covered 30 miles in 45 minutes. So original speed = 40mph. Other late 15 minutes include change of wheel in 10 minutes. So the remaining distance is covered costs 5 minutes. Hence distance remaining = (5/60) / (1/30-1/40) = 10. Distance covered in 2 hours = 80 kms.
Hence total distance = 10 (distance travelled after 30 miles late puncture) + 30 (30 miles late puncture) + 80 (first two hours)

3. There are three persons A, B, C. one day they set out in different directions and each one steals an animal. The animals are camel, horse and a mule though not inthe order. A CBI officer catches them and on interrogation he has the following statements:
A says: B has stolen a horseC says: A is telling wrong, B has stolen a mule.B says: A and C are both telling wrong. I have stolen nothing.
The person stealing a camel tells wrong while the person with a horse tells right. So tell which person steal which animal.
Ans: A: Camel
B: Mule
c: Horse
Suppose A is telling the truth. According to him B stole the horse. So B is telling right. But the statement is contradictory. So A is telling a lie.
B anyways is telling a lie because it is said that each of them stole an animal.
So, C is telling the truth. Hence B has stolen the Mule. As he is telling right so stole a horse and A stole the camel.

4.There are 3 societies A, B, C. A Lent Tractors to B and C as many as they had already. After some time B gave as many tractors to A and C as many as they have. After sometime C did the same thing. At the end of this transaction each one of them had 24.Find the cars each originally had. This question was bit differently asked with the same thing.
Ans: A had 39 cars,
B had 21 cars
C had 12 cars

Solution Let’s back trace from the end to the start.
Logic: they gave the same number of tractor to the other person as that person had already with him. That means at the end of every step the number of tractors with people other than the current lender is doubled. And the number of tractor others had is the decrement in his number of tractors. So for a back trace half the number of tractors with the people other then the lender and add the decreased amount to the lender as follows