Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hongkong day to night....

Honkong - morning to night.. coooooool Flash application.
Just hover your mouse from top to bottom and you can view the complete day's changes.


Hare and the Tortoise Puzzle

This isn't really a puzzle... But it makes for an interesting thought exercise for those who look at the trees rather than the forest.
A turtle and a hare decide to have a race. The turtle has finally figured out a way, he thinks, that will guarantee him a win, or at least not a loss. And, if he has figured it correctly, it doesn't matter how fast the hare can run! The only stipulation is that he has to have a head start... Here's his thinking:

Say the turtle gets an X minute head start, and travels at Y miles/hour. Then the hare takes off at Z miles/hour (Z >> Y). Here's the idea... After a few moments, the turtle gets to point "a". The hare, of course, takes some amount of time to catch up to point "a". But by then, the turtle has gone a bit further, to point "b". The hare will take some finite amount of additional time to get to point "b". By then, the turtle will have moved on to point "c". Etc, etc, etc.... It appears, to the turtle, that the hare will never catch up!

Clearly, the turtle is a little "slow". We know the hare will win give reasonable values for speed, race distance, and the head start. Using simple math, we can figure out the point that the hare overtakes the turtle. So, where did the turtle go wrong in his thinking?


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Artist at work

Looked at great paintings and always wondered how did the artist do that. How to go by?
Take a look at the following , truly wonderful, how he mixes and creates shades. What a way, check out :

Artist at work

Monday, September 24, 2007

Loaded Revolver Puzzle

Loaded Revolver Puzzle
Henry has been caught stealing cattle, and is brought into town for justice. The judge is his ex-wife Gretchen, who wants to show him some sympathy, but the law clearly calls for two shots to be taken at Henry from close range.
To make things a little better for Henry, Gretchen tells him she will place two bullets into a six-chambered revolver in successive order. She will spin the chamber, close it, and take one shot. If Henry is still alive, she will then either take another shot, or spin the chamber again before shooting.
Henry is a bit incredulous that his own ex-wife would carry out the punishment, and a bit sad that she was always such a rule follower. He steels himself as Gretchen loads the chambers, spins the revolver, and pulls the trigger. Whew! It was blank. Then Gretchen asks, "Do you want me to pull the trigger again, or should I spin the chamber a second time before pulling the trigger?"

What should Henry choose?

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Twins Birthday Puzzle

You must be knowing a little bit about twins. The minute , few minutes difference between their ages (offcourse the age counts after the baby comes out of the womb)
Now this puzzle is about the twins and their birthday celebrations.. An old riddle to boggle minds. Still a good one. Have a look

One day a girl celebrated her birthday offcourse a very special day for her. She had a twin brother elder to herself and here comes the big question. He celebrated his birthday three days later.
How is this possible?


Friday, September 21, 2007

Data Compression Puzzle

Data Compression Puzzle
This is the kind of logic puzzle that involves knowledge of data-compression techniques, or at least an ability to make a reasonable speculation as to how data compression works. The hint to get you started if you know absolutely nothing about data compression is given here, but it's not going to be nearly enough to be much use in actually explaining the answer to the question. One form of data compression:

Take a string of text 6 characters long - say, "camera", for instance.
Each two-letter combination can be assigned a certain value (determined before-hand and including all possible character combinations). Suppose "ca" = a, "me" = b and "ra" = c. So "camera" compresses initially as "abc".

Why can't this be done on "abc" to make it a two-letter combination, which could then be made into a one-letter combination? For "abc", there would be "ab" to compress, but just "c" by itself - it can be paired with a "dummy character" or something similar if needed to indicate end of line. Thus, the answer is _not_ "because 'abc' has an uneven number of letters'"
Now answer this big question
Why can't files be repeatedly compressed until they're only 1 byte big?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

How far can you go Puzzle

How far can you go Puzzle. Follow the puzzle
Your assignment is to make a delivery from the depot to your base camp, 1600 miles away.
The trip begins normally, but unfortunately, halfway to base camp, your supply truck breaks down. You have no way to call for help. Luckily, in addition to medical supplies, the truck is carrying a Desert Patrol Vehicle (DPV) and two barrels of fuel. The DPV has a full 10 gallon tank, but to make room for the medical supplies, it can only carry one of the 45 gallon barrels at a time. While you can't transfer fuel between barrels, you can refill the tank from the barrels. Assume the DPV can get 12 miles per gallon, regardless of the load it carries.
You have got to tell :

How far can you go?
Is it far enough to deliver the medical supplies and the DPV to your base camp?


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Soldiers Killing Puzzle

Soldiers Killing Puzzle

There are 1000 soldiers. One day it so happens that they have to kill each other and only one would remain alive. For eliminating the partiality, they decided to find some way. One of them suggested a way as follows:
Each of them carrying a sword will stand in a line and numbered accordingly starting from 1 to 1000. Now starting from number:1 , they will start to killing in a way as.. 1 kills 2, 3 kills 4... i.e. starting from 1 they will starting killing the next alive person. This will keep going in a circle until only one remain.
Example for 7 soldiers:
If the number of soldiers is odd say 7, 1 will kill 2 , 3 will kill 4, 5 will kill 6 , 7 remains .. so he ll kill 1.
then remaining people are 3,5,7.
Now they start again 3 kills 5, 7 kills 5 so 7 remains alive

Thinking of this one of the soldier figures out that this way only one of the fixed person will stay alive if started from 1.
So you have to tell the position where he should stand to remain alive if killing starts from 1.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Quarelling Quartets Puzzle

Quarelling Quartets Puzzle
The Ruritanian state choir has 120 members. Some pairs of members are friends. But, a friend of Carla's friend is not necessarily Carla's friend.

In a tradition dating back to a time when the choir was somewhat smaller, every set of four members from the choir are required to prepare a song together.

The choirmaster has noticed that the most quarrelsome quartets are those where two of the members are friends, but no other friendships exist within the quartet. She has also noticed that the present number of quarelsome quartets is as large as it possibly can be. How many quarrelsome quartets are there?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Impossible Quiz

Yeah..... as the name suggests the impossible quiz.. I am damn sure you wont give it up so easily. Keep working. Go till the end. It sure is interesting and fun.
The questions are far from easy. Some require insane logic, others are completely down to guessing. You have 3 lives throughout the quiz. Get an answer incorrect and you will lose one. Complete a certain number of questions correctly and you will be awarded with a Skip. Skips lets you skip a question if you are finding it too difficult. There are also bomb questions which are timed. You have to complete the question until the bomb detonates otherwise it is Game Over. Limits range from generous 10 seconds to an evil 1 second! Good luck!
Here we go .. Just before that, let me tell you. The file size is 8mb so you have to wait for sometime. Or else download it. Followed after the original game i have also embedded here the substandard game. Check it out.. Its worth a wait , and this time you would say "Patience really reaps"
The original at: Impossible Quiz

Here is the substandard version originally at : Impossible Quiz - Substandard

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Child's Play Puzzle

Child's Play Puzzle. The game played by children a puzzle for others.
A toy has a regular tetrahedron, a cube and a base with triangular and square hollows. If you press the start button and fit the tetrahedron into the triangular hollow or the cube into the square hollow it rings a bell.
It only rings the bell again if you then fit the tetrahedron or the cube into its hollow in a different way from any you have done before. It plays one tune when you have fitted the tetrahedron into its hollow in all the ways possible and another tune when you have fitted the cube into its hollow in all the ways possible.
This completes the game. How many times does the bell ring in a complete game?
Now suppose a similar toy is made involving all five platonic solids. How many times does the bell ring in a complete 5-solid game?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Inadvertent Glossary of College - A revival

IIT Delhi - My CollegeIIT KharagpurIIT Bombay

After the college, i remember the college language the most. I took this initiative earlier to create a glossary for all those unscrupulous words, but all those gone with the wind with the end of college's last day. So i have started the compilation once again.
This isn't actually a glossary of the words but only a list from my IIT days.
I invite all other students and "ex-students" to add their words as comments underneath. Also do add your version of meanings for the words you give and already given here.
A comprehensive version of the glossary is on its way. So do contribute to the glossary and ahhh well .. a contri to your cccccccooooooooooooooooooooollll days.... college days!! Do name your college dudes /dudettes
Please do add the funny names you gave to your friends with the serendipity behind the name


fight marna
dabbe wala
full toss
fod dalna
pain maarna


Monday, September 10, 2007

Professor Fizzwizzle - Cool Puzzle Game

Cool addicting puzzle game - Professor Fizzwizzle , starting from a few years kid to a full grown adult, the game is liked by all and takes good care , that you pull off your hairs

It has all the classic elements of a great puzzle game. It’s hard, but still very accessible.
Professor Fizzwizzle is a brilliant, diminutive scientist who built a legion of robot helpers. One day, however, the Professor absentmindedly changed the robots' setting from helpful to rageful and the robots kicked the professor out of his laboratory. Now, in platform-puzzler style, the Prof needs to work his way back to his beloved lab and you've got to help him get there.

Professor Fizzwizzle is an outstanding puzzle game that can be picked up by parents and children alike. So for a twitch to your reflexes and work out for your brain or fun.. go for it.
It sure is damn good!!

Play the game here : Professor FizzWizzle
or download at : Download Professor FizzWizzle

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Size of Wikipedia on Paper

Ever wondered what Wikipedia will look like on paper. Wikipedia , an online encyclopedia that contains almost everything about anything in this world. The online editing , daily addition of data making it stronger and bigger day by day.
So what will it look like when its jotted down on paper. Think about it.
Nasty isnt it?? Sure it is. Well wikipedia itself has done that for you. Take a look below

For comparison, a normal sized man is standing besides. As per wikipedia
Using volumes 25cm high and 5cm thick (some 400 leaves), each page having two columns, each columns having 80 rows, and each row having 50 characters, ≈ 6MB per volume. As English Wikipedia has 4.4GB of text (October 2006) ≈ 750 volumes. Note that this is a conservative estimate, as it doesn't include images, tables, templates etc. which probably take up more surface than the text which describes them.
The grid has 1x1 meter squares, and the person should be 180 centimeters tall. It is actually silhouette of the man from the Pioneer plaques. I used volume and shelf sizes of some encyclopedias I have.
So thats huge...

For more .. visit : Size of Wikipedia

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Light in Reverse Gear - The backward moving pulse

Ever thought of reversing the light?? Yeah thats not a trick , not at all
In the recent years scientists have started to "PUSH LIGHT INTO REVERSE". Hey that in no way turning off the lights (haha!!)
From everybody's knowing and common sense light is known to travel fastest. And according to Einstein if something could move faster than that , then it can be seen reaching its destination before it left its starting position. Laugh !!! LOL .. think how can that be possible. So according to him nothing can do that

But researchers found that "back-ward moving pulse of light is faster" than that. Pretty Confused !!
Yeah!! Now that is putting light into the reverse gear. So everything now seems to have reverse gear. Read more at : Light’s most exotic trick yet: so fast it goes backwards?

The article is as below:
In the past few years, physicists have found ways to make light go both faster and slower than its usual speed limit. Now researchers say they’ve gone a step further: pushing light into reverse.
As if to defy common sense, they say, the backward-moving pulse of light travels faster than light.
Confused? You’re not alone.
“I’ve had some of the world’s experts scratching their heads over this one,” said Robert Boyd of the University of Rochester in Rochester, N.Y., one of the researchers. “It’s weird stuff.”
“Theory predicted that we could send light backwards, but nobody knew if the theory would hold up or even if it could be observed in laboratory conditions.”

Einstein determined that nothing can be accelerated to a speed greater than that of light in a vacuum. That’s about 300,000 kilometers (190,000 miles) per second. If something broke that limit, then some observers could see it reach its destination before it left, violating a universal law of causality. But physicists in recent years have reported finding tricks to slow light to a near-standstill, or even speed it up in apparent violation of Einstein’s rule. Now, Boyd said, he’s taken what was once just a mathematical oddity—negative speed—and shown it working in the real world. The findings are published in the May 12 issue of the research journal Science. Boyd and colleagues sent bursts of laser light through an optical fiber laced with the element erbium. An optical fiber is a thin, transparent tube that transmits light by letting it bounce along its interior. “The pulse of light is shaped like a hump with a peak,” Boyd explained. “We sent a pulse through an optical fiber, and before its peak even entered the fiber, it was exiting the other end. Through experiments we were able to see that the pulse inside the fiber was actually moving backward.”
To understand how light’s speed can be manipulated, think of a funhouse mirror that makes you look fatter. As you first walk by the mirror, you look normal. But as you pass the curved portion in the center, your reflection stretches. The far edge seems to leap ahead of you momentarily.

In the same way, a pulse of light fired through a special material may move at normal speed until it hits the substance, where it is stretched out to reach and exit the material’s other side .
Conversely, if the funhouse mirror were the type that made you look skinny, your reflection would appear to suddenly squish together, with the leading edge of your reflection slowing as you passed the curved section. Similarly, a light pulse can be made to contract and slow inside a material, exiting the other side later than it naturally would.

To visualize the backward-moving light pulse reported by Boyd, replace the mirror with a TV and video camera. As you may have noticed when passing such a display in an electronics store window, as you walk past the camera, your on-screen image appears on the opposite side of the TV. The image walks in the direction opposite to yours, and thus toward you. It passes you in the middle, and continues until it exits the other side of the screen.

A negative-speed pulse of light would ................ read full article

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Project lifecycle - Humor

Lets see what a project looks like from starting to the end. Yeah from the clients requirement phase to the project delivery. From first to the last , how a project lifetime looks like. Just a demonstration can imply how it works.
Please Appreciate: Click to enlargeClick to Enlarge
Have fun!!!!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Real Combinatorial Problem

I found this real combinatorial problem on a puzzle group. And wanted to share it to all. Have a look
In two weeks I have the responsibility of arranging a special singles bridge tournament for 21 people. Bridge is played by 4 people at a time, 2 pairs, so there will 5 tables playing in parallell (the same boards; three duplicates), and one person sits out each board.

For various reasons (minimize change and movement is one reason) it has been decided to conduct the tournament as follows:

- in the first round player A, B, C and D sit down at a table and play boards 1, 2 and 3. A partners B against C and D when playing board 1;
A partners C (against B&D) when playing board 2, and finally A partners D (against B&C) when playing board 3. Similarly, EFGH do the same on the next table (playing the same boards 1, 2 and 3), and so does IJKL and MNOP.

- QRSTU is slightly trickier, because only 4 can play at a time.
Basically Q and R sit still and partner S, T and U who rotate. So Q&S against R&T, U sit out board 1. Q&U against R&S, T sit out board 2. Finally Q&T against R&U, S sit out board 3. Note that Q and R do _not_ partner each other in this round.

- 9 rounds of 3 boards each, so 27 boards.

I want to design the seating in round 2, 3, .., 9 so that:

- all possible player pairs partner each other at least once, and no more than twice
- all players sit out at least one board, and no more than two boards

Using inspired guesswork and some Sudoku-like skills, I am unable to get rid of the last couple of triples (players who, in my scheme, will partner each other 3 times).

Anyone (including computer programs) up for the challenge?

Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Fountainhead (Summary) by Ayn Rand

This is the summary/review for the great 1943 book The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, one of my favorites!!

The story revolves around 2 people Keating and Roark later joined by Dominique, they both attended the same prestigious architectural school. Keating graduates at the top of his class (with scornful assistance from Roark) and becomes a prominent partner at the firm of Guy Francon, Dominique's father. Roark, however, is expelled from the school for refusing to allow the curriculum to dictate how he should create his architecture and follow traditional ways. Roark finds refuge with Henry Cameron, an architect who shares Roark's vision but whose career has been destroyed by his own unwillingness to compromise, mostly like the Roark himself.

While Keating and Francon had great success for a time reproducing classic architecture , Roark kept working hard in Cameron's dying firm. Cameron, defeated by society, soon dies, and despite some initial commissions, Roark is unable to sustain his own firm, and takes a job at a granite quarry. It is here that he catches the eye of Dominique Francon, who has been impressed with the buildings Roark has created. Dominique maneuvers Roark to her house, and invites Roark to rape her (this scene has been described as "rape by engraved invitation"), beginning their love affair. Roark soon receives an important commission and returns to New York.

Keating has fallen in love with a plain young woman, but his mother convinces him to submit to Guy Francon's desire for Keating and Dominique to fall in love. Dominique badgers Keating into marrying her rather than the woman he truly loves, as a way of testing Roark. In addition, Dominique embarks on a quest to hinder Roark's professional career, because she feels that the world is unworthy of Roark's creations.

In the meantime, through the machinations of Ellsworth Toohey, Roark receives a commission to build a temple to the human spirit. Roark creates a building with a nude statue of Dominique as its centerpiece, aware that he is falling into a trap. Toohey convinces Roark's client that the building is in bad taste and poorly designed, and when Roark refuses to alter the building he is sued for damages. Roark proudly refuses to offer any defense, and the money he loses in the suit is used to destroy the artistic integrity of his building.

Gail Wynand happens across photographs of the temple in its original form, and is aghast when he learns that his own newspaper played a crucial role in the building's destruction. Again through the work of Toohey, Dominique and Wyanand meet, and Wynand falls in love with Dominique. Dominique, in an effort to further test Roark and to punish Keating, divorces Keating and marries Gail Wynand. Eventually, Roark meets Wynand through Dominique, and the two men become friends, although Wynand is unaware of Roark's relationship with Dominique.

In the meantime, Keating has suffered a lot because of his ingenuine architecture and no creativity of his own. Keating urges desperately for Roark's help in designing a major skyscraper he has been commissioned to build; Roark agrees to design the building, but on the condition that Keating not allow any changes to the design to take place. Keating makes a valiant effort, but is unable to prevent his associates from altering Roark's design, and the building is not built according to Roark's wishes. Roark, in a calculated move, blows up the building and allows Dominique to be seriously wounded in the explosion.

With Roark's reputation in jeopardy, Wynand insists that his papers defend Roark to the fullest. However, Toohey's influence prevails, and the popularity of Wynand's papers plunges precipitously. Eventually, Wynand allows his partners to override his insistences, a move he realizes is suicidal for his pride and personal integrity, and his papers regain a portion of their popularity. Dominique finally reveals her true love for Roark, and leaves Wynand.

Roark, at his trial, explains at length about why he acted like that, essentially speaking in Rand's voice. Since he had pleaded not guilty but then admitted to his crime, the jury does not believe he understood that what he did was wrong, and Roark is acquitted. The novel ends with Roark accepting a final commission from Wynand to build a skyscraper, as a monument to who Roark is and who Wynand feels he could have been. Dominique realizes that Roark has passed his final test, and she returns to him for good.

A happy ending finally.. Indeed!! Great book
Look more on Fountainhead : More on Fountain Head

Read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Summary) by Rowling

100 Lockers Puzzle

100 Lockers Puzzle

A teacher while evaluating the answer sheets of some 100 4th grade students found some similarities in most of the answers. Startled at this he asked the students about it. But none of them answered. At this he gave a punishment to all of them and to find out the final result of the exercise given as the punishment.
The exercise is as follows

The school has 100 lockers. One by one each student has to go the lockers and open them in the following pattern:
Student 1 opens all the lockers
Student 2 goes and closes every second locker
Student 3 goes and "changes the state" of every third locker i.e. if its open , close etc and vice versa.
Student 4 changes the state of every 4th locker.
.Student n changes the state of every nth locker
This goes on for all 100 students.

They have to tell which all lockers are open at the after 100th student is done with his task.
Now he gave one liberty to the students , if they can think of the correct solution, they need not run to the lockers and perform the task physically. But if they do it wrong they have to do that everyday.

Please help the students by telling the solution and find out which all lockers are open at the after 100th student is done with his task.

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