Sunday, June 10, 2007

Lights Out Puzzle ..

Had a lot of puzzles lately??? Just try this, i know its a little outdated in terms of time. But not in terms of interest. Have a great time riddling over it.

Have a hands on over the so traditional lights out puzzle
Try to blow off all the lights on the board. Clicking a piece reverses its state and state of all the pieces adjacent to it.
Looks easy, roll over it!!


  1. man! this is crazy, I am not able to do level 5! great puzle though

  2. hey guys i solved the 5th level,bt, i can't remember the trick n now i m stuck at the 6t level!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. hey i cracked 6th level also!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. hey i am stuck at level 7!!!!!

  5. hey i am stuck at level 7!!!

  6. I beat the game... =) There are 14 levels... Took about 30 minutes... if not less!

    Good luck yall! Have fun! STRATEGIZE!


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